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The First Six Hours: Ofsted Preparation (Cambridge Education)

No matter how much it is expected, the telephone call announcing an impending visit by Ofsted can make even the best managed school anxious. The first six hours covers the time from the calls from the Ofsted office and the lead inspector to the close of the regional inspection support office on that day.

The course provides a step-by-step approach to assure you that you are as prepared as one can be for the arrival of the inspection team. As well as providing guidance and a timetable for senior leaders, the course will offer practical tips for real preparation to ensure both the school and the inspection team have all the evidence needed. These tips and helpful hints are based on experience of inspecting schools, academies and colleges.

Who should attend?

All schools, and academies irrespective of phase, who receive an inspection, particularly those expecting a visit in the coming academic year, should attend this course aimed at headteachers and their most senior staff.

Why attend?

Being well prepared for the inspection is a confidence booster to the school, and if done well, it indicates good management skills to the inspection team.

What will it cover?

The course will cover each hour of the day and will cover the most essential questions.

  • How do we maximise the preparation time after the telephone call from the lead inspector?
  • Who do we need to inform and in what order do we go about this?
  • What essential documentation do we need to prepare and send or have ready to smooth the pathway to a meaningful inspection?
  • What other equally important and relevant documents need to be in the inspection base for the first morning?
  • What internal planning is needed to ensure the appropriate in-house people are at meetings with inspectors?
  • What additional evidence might be needed that has not been requested by the lead inspector?
  • What are we most anxious about, and what can we do to be sufficiently satisfied that we can answer awkward questions on these areas?

Guidance will be supplied for colleagues to take away to help in the inspection preparation process.


£150 + VAT per participant (Band 1)

Includes resources, lunch and refreshments

Brooke Weston Teaching School, Corby, Northants,

NN18 8LA


12th October 2017

Time 09:30 - 15:30