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Leading Others and Developing a Highly Effective Team

As a line manager you are responsible for leading and managing an individual or team of people and the quality of the service they deliver. The way you recruit, support, supervise and develop your team and individuals will make a difference to how they feel about their job and their ability to work to the right standard. Your leadership will also set the tone and help to create conditions for a positive workplace culture that is focused on delivering high-quality outcomes. Good leaders create a positive environment for employees that is both supportive and challenging in equal measure.

Using a range of evidence-based resource, strategies and case-studies, delegates will learn how to improve their current leadership skills using the principals of effective school improvement.

Audience Staff responsible for leading and managing others
Price £125 (free to Alliance members as a Band 1 allocation) . Includes all resources, refreshments and lunch.
Date & Time 8th October 2019
Venue Brooke Weston Academy