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NPQ Scholarship Funding

The Government has recently announced a £10million scholarship fund to support teachers and leaders undertaking National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) from schools in twelve opportunity areas and category 5 and 6 local areas.

Brooke Weston Teaching School Alliance is delighted to announce that it will be offering fully funded places on its NPQML and NPQSL programmes to candidates that meet the eligibility criteria.

The funding - available over three years - will cover the costs of completing qualifications that will help teaching staff to improve their school leadership skills. It is available on a strictly first come, first served basis and is available to participants on the three National Professional Qualifications.

Please contact the team for more information, to check your eligibility and to register your interest.

The Opportunity Areas

  • Yorkshire & Humber: Scarborough, Bradford, Doncaster
  • North West: Blackpool, Oldham
  • East Midlands: Derby
  • West Midlands: Stoke
  • East of England: Norwich, Fenland, East Cambridgeshire, Ipswich
  • South West: West Somerset
  • South East: Hastings

Category 5 & 6 Areas

In March 2016 the Department for Education evaluated each Local Authority District and grouped them into six categories numbered 1 to 6.

Areas rated 5 and 6 are those where children were making the least progress and had the poorest access to high-quality schools. These areas also have the poorest provision of leadership support, such as National Leaders of Education and Teaching School Alliances.

Click here to find out which category your district is in (taken from the March 2016 data on the website).